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  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Payment Links
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Wallets
  • Detailed Analytics
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Blockchain Nodes


  • Ethereum - Unlimited
  • Bitcoin - Unlimited
  • Binance Smart Chain - Unlimited
  • Everscale (TON) - Unlimited
  • Algorand Chain - Unlimited
  • Cardano - Unlimited
  • Solana - Unlimited
  • Terra - Unlimited
  • Polygon - Unlimited
  • Avalanche - Unlimited
  • Tron - Unlimited
  • Chain Link - Unlimited
  • Fantom - Unlimited
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  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Unlimited Whitelisted accounts
  • 40+ wallets supported
  • Listing on
  • Sales analytics
  • 24/7 Support
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Use Cases

The backbone for #web3 businesses, & Platforms

, 100pay powers blockchian & crypto companies around the world. We make moving money as simple, borderless, and programmable as #web3 for businesses looking to leverage Blockchain technology.

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A complete payments platform for ecommerce!

Accept crypto payments from customers around the world in minutes. Our platform is designed to increase conversion at every step of the payment flow — from safely connecting users to their favorite wallets to making payments to you directly.
Companies like Shop100, uses 100pay's api to let users buy and sell in crypto currencies — they let us worry about the blockchain complexities and we help them get things done faster.

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Modern billing and payments for SaaS businesses.

100pay provides a suite of products to help you collect one time payments or recurring payments from global users and support any pricing model with ease. Companies like cloudnotte has integrated 100pay accross their platforms to make cross border payments swift.

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Power payments for your marketplace

See how 100pay is powering marketplaces like Timiun to collect payments for physical or digital product in 22+ Cryptos, Manage payments and automate payouts from a single dashboard.
We bring together everything you need to onboard service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and more.

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Launch and scale embedded payments and financial services

Build a global realestate company with less overhead and more opportunities for expansion. Companies like Estaterally partners with 100pay to bridge borderless payments and cut down transaction fees to let brokers and realestate professionals accept crypto payments on their platform.

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Give people new ways to make payments on your platform

We Help organizations like Loveworld build stronger relationships with their members by allowing them to accept payments from around the world in Cryptocurrencies. You can also help members give from around the world without having to worry about recognition. 100pay also provides you with detailed insgiht to how your business is doing.

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Launch IDO's fast and raise funds for your startup.

Blockchain companies like Crypto Smart leverages 100pay's infrastructures as a platform to power their upscale launchpad Feature — which helps businesses & Startups carry out white listed and non-whitelisted crowdsale activities launch their products fast and beat competetors to market without breaking things.
100pay offers a set of tools to launch your own token on different blockchains — set up a presale and get listed on icomama at no extra cost.

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Bringing education to the blockchain.

Cloudnotteuses 100pay to Collect school fees from parents in crypto currencies, pay teachers and access amazing discounts. Give parents a more flexible way of paying schools fees bit by bit by get a full and instant settlement from cloudnotte.

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Crypto is borderless, make messaging borderless.

SMS companies like Phenomsms leverages 100pay's crypto payment gateway to make mesaging borderless and cheap. Giving users a list of 22+ crypto currencies to chose from.

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Secure by nature, scalable by design.

Integrate 100pay to your cryptocurrency exchange to access a wide range of tools designed to help you scale. We provide the tools to handle the most complicated blockchain integrations, starting from node deployments to generating and managing wallets.
Build and ship your crypto exchange to market fast. 🏂
if you're building an exchange on our infrastructures, contact us to get featured here. let's build and grow together in harmony 👊

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Crypto is borderless, make fund-raising borderless.

Integrate 100pay to your fundraising platform to access a wide range of tools designed to help you scale. We provide the tools to handle the most complicated blockchain integrations, starting from node deployments to generating and managing wallets.
Build and ship your fundraising platform to market fast. 🏂
if you're building a fundraising platform on our infrastructures, contact us to get featured here. let's build and grow together in harmony 👊


Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring the most frequently asked questions from our users.

Just like stripe & any other payment gateway you know, 100pay
You can check out our integrations page to see how you can integrate 100Pay in to your platform.
You can spend 100pay tokens on other merchant platforms, apps or at malls. we're actively adding more partners to our ecosystem. You can also use Shop100 Search Ai to search for online stores that accepts crypto payments in your country or city.
You will be able to trade 100pay tokens on popular exchanges, after listing.
You can buy the 100pay token with any of the 22+ supported cryptocurrencies listed on the 100pay checkout. Click on the buy now button, and sign in with your 100Pay account or create a new one with your email. Add funds to your 100pay balance from any of your crypto wallets. Click on Buy $PAY, and type the amount you wish to buy, and the Tokens will be automatically transferred to your 100Pay wallet. You can withdraw your $PAY tokens to any wallet at all, including cold storage.
Anyone with a smart phone can buy 100pay token. pre-sales are white listed as well as private sales.

Find out how 100pay can work for your business

Over the years, we've built a team of experienced engineers and business developers to help you figure out how blockchain and crypto currencies can help your business scale.

"I went far away from home to create the balance between people, businesses & the Government, Blockchain happened to be the only way. It is not just the wheels behind crypto -- the future of money, It's the missing technology that was meant to create the balance between people, money & the Government. -- Hence 100pay "
Brainy JoshBlockchain Developer, 100pay.
"Blockchain is more powerful, crypto-currencies is just one use-case. We need more and more businesses to start accepting crypto not only as a payment option, but as the standard for payments. "
UgomattBusiness Developer

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