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If you wish to meet the team, Please send us a message telling us why you want to meet with us. Provide links to your public profiles, give us a brief bio of yourself, achievments and contributions to the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem or the tech industry in general.
Ex. I'm John Doe, Lead Investor at XYZ company, I also invested in Uber, Airbnb, Binance & Coinbase. I love 100pay and i want to be a part of the movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring the most frequently asked questions from our users.

Just like stripe & any other payment gateway you know, 100pay
You can check out our integrations page to see how you can integrate 100Pay in to your platform.
You can spend 100pay tokens on other merchant platforms, apps or at malls. we're actively adding more partners to our ecosystem. You can also use Shop100 Search Ai to search for online stores that accepts crypto payments in your country or city.
You will be able to trade 100pay tokens on popular exchanges, after listing.
You can buy the 100pay token with any of the 22+ supported cryptocurrencies listed on the 100pay checkout. Click on the buy now button, and sign in with your 100Pay account or create a new one with your email. Add funds to your 100pay balance from any of your crypto wallets. Click on Buy $PAY, and type the amount you wish to buy, and the Tokens will be automatically transferred to your 100Pay wallet. You can withdraw your $PAY tokens to any wallet at all, including cold storage.
Anyone with a smart phone can buy 100pay token. pre-sales are white listed as well as private sales.

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